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Auralia and Musition

Music Theory and Ear Training Software

Auralia and Musition are music theory and ear training software. They are designed to help students develop their musicianship and complete assessment tasks.

Students can practice, work through lessons and complete tasks, in areas such as Intervals, Chords, Scales, Terms, Rhythm, Cadences and Melody. We have worked with many educators to ensure that topics and levels provided are ideally suited for Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Integrated into the MusicFirst classroom

Perfect for Band, Orchestra and Choir

Use on school and home computers

Set and track homework & assignments

Student scores & assignments all in the Cloud

Easily complete assessment requirements



Auralia is a comprehensive ear training software that covers topics such as:


Pitch, Intervals, Chords, Scales, Tuning, Rhythm, Cadences, Dictation, Harmony, Jazz progressions, Melodic transcription.


Auralia is available for PC and Mac systems. It is suitable for universities, high schools, and independent learners.



Musition is a music theory training and practice program. It covers topics such as:

Reading sheet music


Recognizing time signatures

Notating rhythms

Understanding intervals

Matching keys signatures


Musition is suitable for students of all ages and levels


Please reach out below if you have any questions or would like to start music lessons.

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