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We are sorry to inform you but your payment has been declined for the monthly lessons. Please update your current card on file or check with your bank to see if there are any issues.

Monthly payments are due by the 10th of every month which is stated in the lesson policy.

Lesson Policy

Farrington School of Music understands payment and financial issues and is here to help. However, if payments are declined often lessons will be discontinued.

Lessons will be cancelled and deferred to make-up credits until the monthly payment is made.


Please fill out the form and submit below:

Student Policy Acknowledgement

Payment will be automatically charged on the 10th of every month. However, students can make payments before the 10th if they like through the student portal. 

Success. Message received.



To update your payment method login into the student portal and click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on profile settings and manage payment methods.

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